Top questions:

What is PPC Group ?

PPC Groups are gazetted in PPC By-Laws 1989 in order to control such as different treatment and handling for each of UN No in port limits. PPC Group 1 - Dangerous goods under this group can only be landed at such places and under such conditions as the Commission may impose from time to time. Vessels conveying such dangerous goods unless otherwise agreed by the Commission, are prohibited from coming alongside any of the Commission's berths. PPC Group 2 - Vessels conveying dangerous goods under this group may come alongside the Commission's berths but the dangerous goods must be in direct transit in the open from land to vessels and vice versa and shall not be accepted into the Commission's warehouses for storage unless otherwise agreed by the Commission. PPC Group 3 - Dangerous goods under this group may be stored at such places as may be authorised by the Commission depending on space availability and adequacy of preparatory faciliites.

How do I check UN No for my cargoes?

UN No search feature is open to all users including registered or non-registered. Please open this link at then enter either UN No or Proper Shipping Name . If you can't found what you're looking for, please contact us for further assistant.

I forgot my ID , what should I do?

If you're forgotten your ID , you may contact us either by email or call . Our details are accessible at Contact Us menu.

I forgot my password , what should I do?

If you're forgotten your password , please follow steps below to reset it :- Step 1 : At each login page, you may find a "Forgot Password" , please click on it ; Step 2 : Please enter registered email ; Step 3 : A link to reset password will send to your email , please follow the instructions given.

How do I login?

Head over to the website and click 'Online System' located at the top of the page. By clicking the preferred online system, it will take you to 'Login' page. You may enter User ID and password created upon registration.

What is user ID ?

User ID is a unique user login ID created by you to manage your profile and to submit your applications. Each online system has it own user ID depending what type of service of yours.

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